Lucy Pinder Topless for 2014 Calendar Sneaky Peeky Preview

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Is it truly possible that the 2014 glam model calendars are already well into production? Damn, I feel like just yesterday we were declaring this Lucky '13 and putting up an entire assortment of Britain's finest boobtastic on our walls here in the office. I think that actually was yesterday. But, 2014 calendar sales season will be upon us quicker than we know, though not quicker than Lucy Pinder knows judging by this sneak peek at her upcoming year's monthly mammarial blessings.

Wow. It's crazy how each year you think there's no way they could possibly top last year. Then along comes Lucy several years into her calendars now and with the sheer force of the sextastic, blows us away for another twelve months. Oh that she blows us. Enjoy.

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