Meagan Good Cleavetastic and Nipple Poking at BET Awards

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For some reason, I was expecting much more of a sweet show at the BET Awards over the weekend, but it was a pretty low key affair. Not even worth calling an affair. Maybe just an afternoon meet-up for coffee. Everything was quite presentable and respectable, which made the arrival of Meagan Good in a deeply split and quite sheer dress top something of an attention grabber. At least, I found myself grabbing my attentions as Meagan appeared on camera.

I really and truly dug Meagan as the horny young R&B singer in Californication. She never really bared fully, but, oh, the happy fun time dreams I had as a result of her hot body in bra and panties. Ultimately, those precious puppies poking out of her top at the BET Awards demand to be fully exposed. I mean, I am demanding right now. And if my karma points are there, we should be seeing this at some point soon. I am willing to spend. Enjoy.

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