Melissa Debling Topless Workout Designed to Make You Sweat

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I make no secret about it. I hate working out. I do it, because you have to. Like eating vegetables. Or saving for retirement. Or swallowing a hemp road until it passes through your entire digestive tract. That last one might just be me. But that whole grunting and sweating nonsense, I don't really get the high. People say, don't you feel great when it's over. I say, no, I feel great that it is over, so I can go back to drinking beer and watching the ballgame as God intended.

Still, a girl like Melissa Debling at the gym can readily change my mind. Let's be honest, we men workout quite a bit harder when there are good looking ladies around. That's where you find the guy cracking his bones to lift weights he should not be lifting. It's for lust. Just imagine the damage  count with Melissa Debling half-stripped out of her clothes, revealing her plump and delicious twins at the gym. You might as well just line up the ambulances outside the front door and tell them to keep their sirens on. Enjoy.

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