Miley Cyrus Lip Slip and Upskirts Dominate the London Landscape

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I'll say this for Miley Cyrus. She does not dress boring. And, I guess I have to also give her credit for finding new and interesting ways to show off her lady nest. I'm not sure if she's consciously trying to expose her intimate parts or if her little lovely is just finding a way to reach the sunlight when given the chance, but she sure does flash her often. Even before we were legally allowed to bring it to you. How does one expose their vajayjay while wearing shorts? Ask Miley, she'll help.

Meanwhile, not content with her slipped lip show, Miley followed up her sights of London weekend with some upskirt shots wearing a dress way to short for the delightfully deep seated London car services. I suppose seeing Miley in a thong after seeing her in a not-anything is less dramatic, but we never turn away an exhibitionist gift here at Egotastic! If you don't appreciate it, it may just go away. Trust me, we appreciate. Good on you, Miley. Enjoy.

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