Nina Agdal Covered Topless and Photographically Stellar Hot

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Somebody out there understands my deep and profound lust for all things Danish Delight Nina Agdal. And that somebody is my mother. I could never keep secrets from her. Reads my face like a poker pro. But, besides her, there's EgoReader 'Omo' who just felt certain I'd explode my ticker checking out these photos of Nina covered topless in Euroman magazine.

Now, I'm obviously still with you, so I wouldn't say full on cardiac implosion occurred, but there was definitely a rapid rise to the pulse and the constriction of various vessels at the sweet bodily treats of one of my favorite ladies in this whole entire world. I just say 'wow' every time I see Nina. With the right photographer, she just jumps off the page. Oh, that that would really happen. I keep staring. Jump now, Nina. I'm here. I'll catch you with something, I promise. Enjoy.

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