Patty Cuevas Topless Angel of the Party for The Mexican Bunny

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I will possibly go through my entire life without understanding what the hell a DJ does and why it's actually considered an occupation worthy of celebrity status. I was the DJ back at my middle school end of year party and I remember pushing a couple buttons to blast as much AC/DC as possible to impress the young ladies. That was a fail. Maybe I'm just bitter from that experience, but I'm still not convinced pressing buttons and shaking your fist in the ear and holding the right ear of a pair of headphones to your head like your listening for distress calls from ships at sea qualifies as a real job. Then again, if you think I'm going to miss a chance to see Mexico's infamous party girl DJ Patty Cuevas nekkid in Playboy Mexico this month, not a chance.

Patty is affectionately known in Mexico as the Angel of the Party. I guess she rocks the Menudo albums better than her competitors. Or maybe she just has bigger not so natural chest puppies. Either way, she's all the rage South of the Border and well worth a peek without any clothes on. So, to summarize, being a DJ is okay if you're a woman with a curvy body and you take your clothes off for magazines. The rest of you, I'm really not so sure about. Enjoy.

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