People Different Than Us: One Million Moms Hate 'Naked and Afraid'

I learned two things today. One, there's a group out there called 'One Million Moms.' Two, there are people out there who think differently than I do.

One Million Moms thinks differently than I do.

They've put together a petition of sorts to get Discovery Channel to cancel their new hit show Naked and Afraid. Do they want to cancel it because, like me, they want to see better naked not worser naked? No. They want to see NO NAKED. Zero. Zilch. In fact, they even censor the word n*ked (just like that) as if some kid somewhere is going to see it and fap himself Satanic. Yep. People think differently, alright. Here's exactly what One Million Moms have a problem with:

Discovery should be ashamed to air n*dity and then call it entertainment. In fact, having the cast be n*ked is the basis for fifty percent of the show. Even though the frontal body parts are blurred out, having so much skin showing is considered soft p*rn.

Say what now? Soft p0rn!? (Sorry...'p*rn') Doesn't p0rn need to be arousing? There's absolutely nothing arousing about Naked and Afraid...unless you're into crotch fishing (you probably are you sick bastards). Yeah, I just...this is...I can't even begin to understand how much differently these people think.

Look...if nothing else can someone please write us a p0rn series called 'One Million Moms'? That would make everything better. 

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