READER FINDS: Christa Campbell Topless, Behati Prinsloo Topless, Cameron Diaz Topless, and Much Much More...

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There is no love greater than that expressed each week here on these pages with our communal gathering for Reader Finds. I mean, not young love, not true love, and not even monkey couples picking fleas out of each others fur. All pale in comparison to the scope of sentiment represented by a bunch of EgoReaders sharing their favorite celebrity skin-filled pictures for the benefit of the whole. It's like a socialists dream, if only the socialists could stick to just sharing hot nekkid girl photos.

This week's Reader Finds includes Brazilian reality stars Nicole Bahls and Fani Pacheco flashing serious booty (thank you to EgoReader 'Liman'), hot South African Tanit Phoenix onscreen and quite artsy topless (blessings from 'Ray H.'),  three decade throwback to Adrienne Barbeau topless in Swamp Thing (kudos to you 'Harv'), the underrated hotness of Anna Friel in a black and white photoshoot (black and white and hot all over from 'Devon'), Melanie Raimundo covered topless for Zen Garage (supremely nice treats courtesy of 'James'), Pell James topless in the wicked Pawn Shop Chronicles (submitted deftly by 'Amanada'), Joanna Page now famously topless in Love Actually (handed over by 'Donny'), veteran shower Christa Campbell topless on screen in the early 2000's (ta-ta's provided by 'Stoney'), a way way back tribute to Bonnie Bedilia topless in a 1960's film (whoa baby by way of 'David M.'), the leather-clad shapely asstastic of Alex Morgan (righteousness from 'Theo P.), Cameron Diaz topless on the beach back in the day (loves me some Cameron boobie, so does 'Michael'), and new Adam Levine fiance, the supremely hot Behati Prinsloo quite showing off her funbags (big ups to 'Chris' for this fine peek). It's a handful, a mouthful, and if you do it right, just a couple of tears. Enjoy.

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