READER FINDS: Emma Stone See-Through Nippleage, Reese Witherspoon Topless, Kelly Brook Bikini Madness, and Much Much More...

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Oh, happy days for those of us who put in something close to a relatively sort of full week of work. I mean, if you include time prior to third beer of the day as official on the clock time, as I do. It's Friday. And among other blessed events we celebrate her on the final weekday is the communal gathering of Internet jug loving jockeys who share their largesse with the general Egotastic! community. A little something something we like to call Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Micaela Schaefer  topless in one bad prison affair (thanks to EgoReader 'Wesley'), actress Mircea Monroe topless onscreen (blessed send from 'Dave'), Shannon Tweed topless in the classic Night Eyes 3 (three times the charm from 'Linda'), classic film work of the late great Sylvia Kristel (way back find from 'Damon'), Selena Gomez teasy as she can be in Be magazine (brought to you by 'Lenni'), Angel McCord topless screencaps from one of her craptastic cinematic ventures (kudos to 'Ayon' for the McCord sister skin), Lizzy Caplan topless in her epic True Blood Season 1 scene (thanks for the great reminder, 'Devon'), buxom brunette Alice Goodwin in one of her online TV show of shows (naughtiness suggested by 'Bly'), the amazing Kelly Brook right when she broke big in FHM (sheer sextastic provided by 'Glen'), Beyonce bikini caps from her H&M summer shoot (snapped up by 'Sir Doug'), Mayra Leal topless sex scene fine work (kicked to our curb by 'Matt'), Reese Witherspoon topless in the better Twilight movie (caps that 'Dejuan' knows we never tire of leering), Emma Stone see-through top in Vanity Fair behind the scenes shoot (bless you heart, 'Andy'), Smallville's own Kristin Kreuk flashing a perfect workout asstastic (bentover hotness from 'Ben'), and what looks almost kinda sorta like a partial nip slip from Mila Kunis in Oz, the Great and Powerful (humbly submitted by 'Chad'). Enjoy.

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