Rihanna Black Sextastic Swimsuit and See-Through Tops and Bikini Bottoms and One Great Yacht Weekend

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While many on here argue the merits of Rihanna in the straight up beauty category, I find that much fewer that Rihanna deserves top type recognition for the bodily exhibition she puts into both work and play. Including this weekend in the South of France where the Bajan diva drank and swam and smoked and yachted herself into all sorts of viewable positions. First in a see-through tank top and snug fitting bikini bottoms (above) and then again in a one-piece swimsuit that fit nicer than just about any one-piece we've seen on a sextastic celebrity in recent memory.

Rihanna isn't a super curvy gal, but she wins big time in the long and lean and tight bodied category, blessed with some killer genes. Someday, I'd like to vacation with Rihanna, on my yacht, where I will insist upon various forms of waterplay, some of which are so deviant they would require us to be more than ten miles out to sea in order to avoid legal peril. Enjoy.

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