Rihanna Braless in See-Through Top at Paris Fashion Week

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It's really hard to believe there's another Paris Fashion week going on. But I guess it's not like the schedule is crowded out with Paris Happy Go Lucky Week or Paris Positive Attitude Week. So, they have lots of fashion weeks. Which we more than suffer in order to see the gaggle of hotties that are obliged to attend, and often in very little clothing. As was the case with Rihanna at the Chanel show in Paris. No bra. Sheer dress. Nipple time fun time.

There's a lot of pressure to get attention when you're at the world's most hoity-toity fashion event. Being a pop diva your nipples poking out is a good way to getting there. It almost, almost makes me wish I was in Paris right now. Eating a baguette. Judging people. And taking in the local sights. Enjoy.

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