Summer St. Claire Poolside Striptease for Topless Wonderments on a Ta-Ta-Tuesday

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Nothing quite says summer like seeing a wicked hot girl named Summer taking off her clothes. Oh, sure, you can say pitchers full of lemonade, children leaping into bacterial infested public pools, and hot dogs on the grill, but, for me, it's going to be girls like Summer St. Claire slowly taking off their tops by the pool to reveal absolutely perfect pairs of faptastic funbags.

Perusing the fine female form of Summer St. Claire, I have to admit, I feel a special connection to the universe and to the wondrous powers of Mother Nature. Although, that feeling could really just be a big case of the super hornies. This requires more investigation. Welcome to Tuesday. Enjoy.

(For all your seasonal hotness needs check out the Summer St. Claire official webpage.)

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