Thank God It's Funbags! Mellisa Clarke Strips Out of Her Lingerie For Bawdy Boudoir Delight

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We made it. Yes we did. It's Friday. Only my favorite of seven days of the week. The precipice of the weekend when the boss can no longer linger over your desk and pretend he's not a dick about the TPS reports. It's time to celebrate.

As always, we launch you into your mini-vacation with some not so mini, quite fabulous levels of hotness from some of the most aluring women on the planet. Women like Mellisa Clarke stripping down in her bedroom, a glamourous lady for whom I would walk across coals just for the awkward but planned caressing of her world class slender frame on the other side. You don't even feel your feet when all the blood is rushing elsewhere.

May this weekend bring you nothing but the sheer delight of faptastic chesty goodness and some much needed down time. You've earned it. Or somebody you know has, so take that credit for yourself. Thank God It's Funbags!

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