Tiffany Taylor Covered Topless Return to Photoshoot Faptastic Glory

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It's been a while since Tiffany Taylor was one seriously hot Playboy Playmate. Years. But it hardly shows. Not one ounce of her late teen allure seems lost on the now 30's-something brunette hottie who went and hand-bra bikini revealed herself and very much of her ridiculously fine body in a photoshoot in a Beverly Hills swimming pool.

There's really nothing more special than the return of the King, or, Queen, in this instance. A long since forgotten remarkable bit of treasure and pleasure now returned to shine brighter than ever. I guess I'm a romantic, but I stand by the shores and look out to the ocean just waiting for the sextastic veteran ladies lost at sea to return. And when they do, I cry and make a a little chowder. Soup I mean. Get your mind out of the gutter. Tiffany Taylor is back. And just look at her. Enjoy.

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