Bettie Ballhause Soaps Her Magnificent Mams on Big Brother for Ta-Ta-Tuesday (VIDEO)

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I've been accused by many of you for being obsessed with the large-breasted women on Big Brother Germany soaping and showering themselves on TV. And, I must say, those accusations hurt. It hurts just how well you know me!

I've grown somewhat tired of the diatribe about how reality shows are so much better overseas than in the U.S. where the only worthwhile segments are censored out so as not to offend people from 1635. I'll never give up the fight, but I think I've now moved into mostly pure straight appreciation mode.

Appreciating Big Brother contestants like Bettie Ballhaus who loves herself a good shower. While I consider myself something of an environmentalist, I mean, I do throw my plastic bottles in the blue bin, I believe that there should be no limit to the amount of water girls like Bettie should be allowed to use in the shower. If she wanted to soap and rinse her funbags for 40 hours straight, fine. People on less fortunate continents can go without H20 for a while. Bettie's boobtastic must be served. Enjoy.

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