Charlotte Springer Strips Out of Her Lingerie for a Little Sextastic Healing

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After three hours in the chair at my dentist, the widely renowned Dr. Mengele-Johnson, I've come to realize that true soothing is available in only two forms. One, the wondrous array of opiates that your local DDS can provide to you on almost total whim, and, second, and forever, the soft pillowy comfort of some amazingly full funbags, like those on the racktastic chestal region of Charlotte Springer, one wickedly hot Britty style glamour model.

Sometimes, we make life a little more complicated than it needs to be. Find sweet hot brunette stripping off her clothes in the backyard for no good reason (and, yet, every good reason), stare, and be happy. It's that simple. Oh, and Vicodin doesn't hurt either. Enjoy.

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