Charlotte Springer Topless Hotness from Black Body Suit on Down for Mammarial Mondays

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I know what you're thinking. Haven't we seen enough bare topless women for one day? Oh, well, shame on you. Leave now. You are out of this Honeycomb Hideout. As if there is some number of hot looking women without their clothes on that fulfills some sextastic quota. If only God had granted me four hands or the ability to properly spell, I would bring you even more. More bodacious beauties like brunette lust-crush Charlotte Springerwho unsprings her blessed full funbags for this outstanding outdoorsy striptease themed pictorial.

Yes, on Mondays we do indeed celebrate all that is wonderfully round and indecently decent, the forms and shapes vary a million different ways on a million different women, but the outcome is always invigorating. And with a girl as hot as Charlotte Springer exhibiting her delicious fineries, it's downright liberating. Enjoy.

(For all your Charlotte Springer happy fun time needs visit the Official Charlotte Springer site.)

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