Humpday Huzzah! Lucy Pinder Topless Hot in Black and White and Nerdy Glasses

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Arriving at the hump is not such a monumental moment as climbing over the hump, most especially when those humps belong to the belusted and crazy hot Lucy Pinder.

Now, I'm one of those guys who sees the world class sextastic of Lucy Pinder and thinks to myself, yep, there is no possible way this girl could get any hotter. Well, she just did. I don't know if it's the attainable nerd girl in glasses thing or the mesmerizing effect of the black and white photography, but I can not stop staring at Lucy nor imagining her as my study partner in college. Had I ever studied, or gone to college, let alone every been within fifty feet of a girl as hot as Lucy.

On this Wednesday, when we celebrate all things holy hot and soft and full, I can not help but drop to my knees, clasp my hands together, and thank whoever it is that produced Lucy Pinder. Somebody deserves some flowers or a basket of cookies or something for this wondrous creation. Enjoy.

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