I Love India Reynolds Smile

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So, shoot me. I'm a sucker for a girl with a friendly smile. When flight attendants tell me welcome aboard, I kiss them back (the ones we used to call stewardesses at least). And India Reynolds has one of the warmest smiles ever.

Oh, sure, the cynical among you will probably say, 'Bill, you're so full of shit, you just like India because she has a smoking hot body, delicious curves, and funbags that could happily feed 52% of the world." And I would ask you how you intend to feed the other 48%. Because you are right, except for that part about being full of shit, I'm only half full, my other half is filled with lust for women with ridiculously sextastic shapes and alluring exhibitions. Again, like India Reynolds. Oh, God, I wish I was that chair! Enjoy.

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