It Is My Duty to Woo Claudia Romani's Booty

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As my courting of the perfect booty of Italian model Claudia Romani, I can't help but think forward to the honeymoon her sweet bottom and I will have as we spend 10 days and 15 nights at the luxurious budget motel I have reserved for us in one of the only mildly dangerous coastal Mexican towns.

Claudia's asstastic and I will go snorkeling and parasailing by day, returning to our cabana with almost four intact walls by the evening to rub aloe vera upon each other's sunburnt skin and embrace in the intense kind of hugs that produce babies. The only thing that would upset our unearthly physical passions would be a case of Montezuma's Revenge. Something to consider when you betroth yourself to another woman's bottom side. Though even that would be but a temporary stumbling block to our full expression of lust, and, yes, I would leave a few extra dollars in tip for the house cleaning staff.

Oh, Claudia Romani bikini boot-tay, won't you be my lawfully wedded  partner? Enjoy.

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