Katia Pedrotti Uses Neon to Highlight Her Extraordinary Boot

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I'm a guy who looks for trends. Well, first and a foremost, a guy who looks for curves. But within those curves, I look for trends. Like the massive sextastic bikini booty output being put out by the ladies of Italy hitting our American beaches of late.

When I saw that Italian radio hostess and Big Brother contestant, not to mention new mom, Katia Pedrotti, was prancing about Miami Beach in a bikini, I thought, could it be possible that.... blammo! Yep, more outrageously hot booty from The Boot. I'm not exactly sure what's in the water in Italy, it certainly can't be the pasta because my BBW neighbor gal who loves herself some Olive Garden surely doesn't have a bottomside like Katia. It's simply downright, well, special. Yes, I am tearing up, so what, that doesn't make me less of a man! Enjoy.

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