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Kym Graham Chesty Throwdown Against Amii Grove in the Battle of the Boobtastic

In only her second Battle of the Boobtastic ever, Kym Graham bites off a mighty big hunk of funbag challenge this week, taking on the blessedly chested Amii Grove in a showdown of cute little brunettes with killer bodies.

There has been much discussion of late as to what happens to the losers each week in the BoB. Are they dragged away coldly from the arena as they do the defeated bulls after repeated thrusts of the sword from the matador? Nay. While there is little notice or fanfare given to the runners up each week, they are escorted to my cabana for a fruity cocktail and an inspirational speech about the lessons learned in life's failure. Also, maybe, I do give a hint at what it might take to get them back into a future challenge. Hey, I'm a busy man, how will I remember their names when the time comes?

But, as always, to the victor goes the spoils. The public cheers, the accolades, and a $5 gift card to Baskin-Robbins. These are big stakes that only you can decide. So, vote now, and as they say in Chicago, vote often. Whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

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