Lady Gaga Fully Nekkid for Holistic Healing!

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Rain drops keep falling on the nekkid body of Lady Gaga, but she doesn't seem to mind. Or the fact that she's being filmed completely in the buff performing the 'Abramovic Method' for improving physical and mental self-awareness. I have no idea what that means, but it seems to make many people cry and be happy and I'm supposing pay some money along the way.

Marina Abramovic is looking to Kickstarter to fund her spiritual retreat and looking to Lady Gaga to get nekkid and give her program lots of attention. Both plans seem to be working. And might I add as the ogler that I am, that Lady Gaga's body seems to be back to rather complimentary shape.

You can see the full truly bizarre Lady Gaga nekkid for Abramovic video on Enjoy.

(Thanks to a ton of you who sent us emails about the bare naked Lady Gaga this late night.)

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