Lady Gaga Hits the Town in Bra and Panties

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I guess technically she was wearing something over it, but Lady Gaga seems determined to make people forget about her failed concert performance year due to sports injury and instead focus on her bare body. Last week Lady Gaga was full on nekkidin a bizarre promo video, now she's out on the town wearing little if any clothing, which we applaud, though since she probably spent three hours and ten thousand dollars getting ready, we have to applaud only lightly. Any man can tell you that he'd rather skip the wait and have you go out in a t-shirt and jeans without your hair looking perfect.

Lady Gaga is a true show-woman. A P.T Barnum if Barnum had used his booty and boobtastic to garner attention rather than elephants and strong men. For a girl like Gaga to come as far as she has, well, there's definitely some skills involved in the mix. And lots and lots of skin. Enjoy.

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