Lady Gaga Takes Her Clothes Off Once More for V Magazine

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Here's the thing about Lady Gaga. She likes to get nekkid. I mean, she really really likes to get nekkid. And, unlike my across the way always nekkid on his balcony neighbor Reamus the Male Muffin Top, Lady Gaga actually brings a rather shapely female form to the party.

Yes, there's no denying it, whatever you might say about her look or talents, Lady Gaga keeps herself in nekkid-worthy condition. Which is a thing in itself. As is the bravado to constantly be taking off your clothes for the cameras. She may not be fully exposed in V magazine, but that's really only because they probably made her cover up a few inches here and there. She's been flashing her bare birthday suit form in venue after venue these past few months if not longer.

So, here's to you Lady Gaga. Your name will never appear on my iTunes receipts, but I do acknowledge you've got some cajones (though no actual cajones as we've inspected your lady nest much in recent times.). Enjoy.

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