Lara Bingle Caught Topless During Bikini Photoshoot!

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I do love me some Lara Bingle. Well, really any hot Aussie will do. In a bikini is always nice, but when they start changing their bikinis around for photoshoot and get caught topless, well, that's somewhere between twice and a million times better.

Somehow, Lara Bingle always seems caught up in some legal wrangling over ill-gotten topless photos of herself. I don't quite understand the anxiety as she is not only a super good looking lass, but her fine female form is rather quite delightful, including her precious chest puppies. I mean, just look at those proud pert pair. If I had boobs like that, I'd go to church topless. Just saying, nothing I'd ever go to court to try and cover up. But, then, we shall see if any barristers call over these pictures.

Lara Bingle topless, this is quite a blessed day. Enjoy.

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