Leia Freitas Muy Sextastica y Sin Ropas en Revista Playboy

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Hey, looks like somebody's learning a little Spanish these days. Or trying. If for no other reason, than, one blessed day, when I run into Brazilian actress turned Mexican TV super hottie, Leia Freitas, I want to be able to seduce her in at least one of her fluent languages.

If you check out these wicked hot and nekkid photos of Leia in the Mexican Bunny this month, you too might find the will to learn a foreign language, figure out a way to at least rent a fancy car, spiff up your shoes, and take a crack at wooing this sextastic brunette hottie yourself. I mean, I will obviously be sweeping her off her feet and taking her to my Acapulco seaside estate for six months of nonstop intercourse, but, after that, you can give it a shot too. I mean, you might want to give her time for a bleach bath or irradiation immediately following, but then thereafter. Es toda una mujer guapa. Disfruta.

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