Leilani Dowding Topless During Bikini Beach Photoshoot

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I know our friend Leilani Dowding is not a shy girl when it comes to showing her body off in public. She works quite hard on her female form, and, she's European, so she's inclined to be less uptight about such things as public nudity as your average Puritanical Yank. But I'm not sure she was expecting cameras during her Malibu bikini photoshoot to capture her indiscreet moments in betwixt smiling in her two piece swimwear for the cameras. I suppose this is something of a photographer no-no, and, yet, an Egotastic! yes-yes!

For lovers of tall and long and lean and lovely Eurasian hotties like Leilani Dowding, well, rejoice. I myself have popped some champagne and changed into my loafers and cardigan, like a horny Mr. Rogers preparing for a long day of ogling Leilani topless. So, just like the real Mr. Rogers. Enjoy.

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