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Lourdes Leon, Paulina Gretzky, Paris Hilton, Kelly Kelly, and Kylie Jenner All in Bikinis for the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Whoa, baby, this is the big one. I'm coming, Elizabeth. This week's Sextastic Twitpic Roundup is chock full of so many celebrity hot bikini and cleavetastic celebrity photos, that it ought go into a time capsule so that students one hundred years from now can see just how great we all had it before the massive Puritanical Revolution sweeps the land. The kids would call this 'off the hook'. I just like to call it, daddy's heading off for some private time with his laptop. Wow.

This week's Roundup includes Paris Hilton flashing her summer body, Kylie Jenner in her sweet sixteen bikini pose, Lourdes Leon showing off her teen dangerous-to-be body, Kelly Kelly showing up in a two piece something amazing, Paulina Gretzkyputting puck in two piece net, Kaley Cuoco flashing deep cleave, and much much more. Don't anger the Gods of Freak Preseason Football Injuries by not checking out each and every one of these wicked hot selfies. Enjoy.

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