Maria Menounos Tight Skirt, Tight Top, Grecian Goddess Asstastic

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I could ramble on and on about just how hot Maria Menounos is. And I think I shall.

Our belusted Grecian goddess looks finer on her daily job than just about anybody I can recall. Routinely like today in tight form fitting bottoms, low cut tops, and other outfits that highlight her sextastic female form. The same female body I'd like to sail around the world with, in an eight-foot dinghy, no motor, not even paddles really, just letting the four winds drift us through the seven seas as the echoed grunts and moans of our passions cause sea-going birds to alter their migration patterns. Not that I've been thinking about this much.

Oh, Maria, you have the shape of an hourglass that I would love to spend two to three minutes turning over. Please, never ever start wearing baggy clothes. Enjoy.

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