Martina Gets Nekkid in the Jungle Because That's What You Do in Jungles

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You know how I get those letters from some of you insisting without even many kind words that I'm completely depriving the world of seeing some smoking hot model that you are madly in love with? Well, I do. I do try to ignore your base and whimsical passions. But when I get a note from 'Ellis' that eloquently reads, 'you have to check out this smoking hot Latina nekkid in the jungle', well, it's not like I'm not going to click. Just a head's up for those of you who want to phish for my banking information, this would be the way.

Indeed, this sultry Latina lass known simple as Martina is quite a specimen of the outdoorsy type nekkid sextastic. I know little of her modeling background though suffice it to say she was produced in a factory of some rather skilled craftsman. I keep looking for defects, but I see nothing but talent. A few more hours of deep leering ought to finalize that judgement. Enjoy.

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