Natalia Proza See-Through Wet T-Shirt and Bikini Pictures for a Double Dose of Falling in Lust

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Natalia Proza is a Russian model who... meh, you don't really care who she is. But I bet you do care about just a supremely hot Eastern body in a wet t-shirt and nothing much else underneath, save for some mighty perfect chest puppies all dripping wet and coming out of the water in Malibu. That's just a guess.

Natalia was at Zuma beach yesterday filming a series of bottled water commercials, that included not only the aforementioned and awesomely spectacular see-through wet t-shirt, but also a quite perfectly lean fine female form in a white bikini pouring water on herself along the rocks.

I'm not sure we've ever had an introduction quite like this on Egotastic! before, but I'm going to make sure it gets stickied to the top of our suggestion list on how to get onto the site. Stickied (see what I did there?). Enjoy.

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