Paula Patton in 2 Guns: 'I Went Topless Because It Felt Authentic'

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the cast of the new movie 2 Guns this past weekend. And when I say distinct pleasure,  I mean, yes, Mark Wahlberg is a nice guy, Denzel Washington is an impressive dude, and Bill Paxton is just effin' funny, but I mostly mean Paula Patton is just outrageously hot. I've always known she photographed well, but  in person, wow. I mean, wow. And that's not at all true of many celebrities you meet in person.

Paula plays a DEA agent in 2 Guns and while her entire on-screen performance is worthy of a serious gander, there is absolutely one scene in the film Egotastic! Readers will pay close attention to, as Paula's top comes off for some frisky bed time action with Denzel Washington.

Now, I've been on the set before of films where the actresses often have to be talked out of their wardrobe for similar scenes, a big fuss is always made, sets are cleared, there's a lot of foot dragging, an the whole scene becomes a major pain in the ass quite frankly.

So, pleasantly surprised and tingly was I to hear from Paula that she was the one who suggested pulling off her top to make it feel more authentic. She said it didn't make sense for a passionate woman about to jump on her man to have her top on. Well, God bless you and your authenticity, Paula. It will be making millions and millions of men so very happy in the coming days. Enjoy.

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