READER FINDS: Laura Linney Nekkid, Paula Patton Topless, Katy Perry Nipslip, and Much Much More...

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Heaven hold a special place for our contributors, a blessed lot for sure. And the rest of you all who complete the holy circle of skintastic celebrity photo sharing for the benefit of all man-kind. There are some earthly benefits as well, such as perusing through a plethora of sextastic photos from all corners of the celebrity world, all eras, and evoking all sorts of happy feelings. A little something something we like to call Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Olivia Munn and Nikki Moore, the latter of whom is fully topless, in The Babymakers (thanks to EgoReader 'Stephanie'), Leslie Orr quite nekkid onscreen in The Manson Family (helter skelter kudos to 'Eric B.'), Laura Linney nekkid in an unforgettable film moment for Linney fans (Linney goodness by way of 'Frankie'), Nina Agdal crazy hot for Bebe (Danish Delights courtesy of 'Efram'), old school topless views of Rosanna Arquette on the silver screen (way back goodness provided by 'T. Wayne'), Sara Jean Underwood hottie in lingerie (dropped off by 'Ray'), Danielle Sharp topless in crazy hot Nuts outtakes (somebody named 'Simon' knows our weak spots), Mimi Rogers topless in yet more onscreen clothes off performances (Tom Cruise's ex showing funbags from 'Ian J.'), the wicked hot Laetitia Casta baring all in some French film (ooh laa laa transmitted by 'Ethos'), Paula Patton blurry topless hottie in her somewhat infamous scene from 2 Guns (a sight to behold from 'Scott'), Britty model acting babe Lucy Clarkson topless (from a friend name 'Jimbo'), Katy Perry upskirt and maybe an unmodified nipple slip (singular shot potential greatness from 'Tyler'), and, last but not least, a purported nekkid photo of Laney Chantal from the SyFy channel (from contributor 'Harashkupo'). It's a frenzy of the faptastic. Do try to enjoy.

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