READER FINDS: People's Court Judge Marilyn Milian Topless, Sofia Vergara See-Through Top, Olivia Wilde Topless, and Much Much More...

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What a week it's been for Team Egotastic! in New York City. Granted it started by walking right past Kate Upton in one inexcusable brain fart of an epic fail. But, as always, we end on a strong note, thanks to the kindness of strangers, from New York to L.A., South to Tierra Del Fuego and up north to where Santa Claus is already picking out my lump of coal for five months hence. It's Reader Finds, the most magical moment of all our tingle inducing moments of the week. A Boulder, Colorado like smoke-out circle, only we get naturally high on the sight of wicked hot celebrity skin.

This week's Reader Finds includes Charlotte Salt topless in the Tudors (thank you to EgoReader 'Gillespie'), Abbie Cornish wet and see-through top in Seven Psychopaths (blessings from 'Boron'), Olivia Wilde topless in Drinking Buddies now out in theaters (gracias big time to 'John'), thespianic Carice Van Houten topless on the silver screen (distributed this direction by "Laery'), Partridge Family alum Susan Dey topless from the wayback machine (OMG goes out to 'Lone Ranger' for that throwback), Jennifer Connelly nekkid and flashing her hotspots (provided politely by 'Rogan'), Lea Seydoux topless in some French film I will not see (dropped off by 'Devon'), Lucy Pinder deliciously topless getting ready to go out (Pinder goodness by way of 'Celia'), Rhian Sugden touching herself for a charitable cause (benevolence of 'Kendall'), Ana Ivanovic tasty hot pics from Esquire (tennis yums from 'Dzodzo'), Clemence Poesy wonderfully topless in film (bold boobtastic blessings from 'David M.'), Sofia Vergara in a see-through top (Colombian nips from the mind of 'Michael G."), Barbara Palvin see-through goodness (transmitted on the net by 'Karoly'), People's Court Judge Marilyn Milian topless on vacation this week (order in the court from 'Carl'), Selena Gomezwith her pants falling off (a big oh my via 'Darren'), Nina Agdal groping her girlfriend on Instagram (Danish delights from 'Torben'), and, last but not least, a little bit of bikini toe from Selena Gomez (muchos thanks to 'Julio'). Now that is a heaping handful of sextastic to contemplate. Enjoy.

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