Rihanna Flashing Booty Prime Time in Barbados

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Rihanna loves to show off her body. We know this. Many of us truly appreciate it. But the butt show she put on in her native Barbados, well, it was quite spectacularly arranged. I'm not sure how many times Rihanna got in and out  or on and off things requiring her bikini bottom to shine prominently beneath the midday sun, but it was often. I'll give you a precise count when I've completed my audit.

Say what you will about Rihanna, the girl knows how to wear a bikini. Or less. You will never see a hand over her mouth in gasped embarrassment. But if you look for a while, you are quite certain to see her hand over her lady nest simulating sexual excitement. She's that kind of girl. Shameless. We like it. Enjoy.

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