Thank God It's Funbags! More Emily Shaw Nekkid Goodness From Her Epic Outdoor Photoshoot

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I once fell in lust with Emily Shaw not too long ago. Once and forever I suppose you'd say. But, I forsook Emily. There were minutes, nay, maybe even an hour since I last saw her when I forgot about her epic body and ridiculously hot looks. I feel like such a heel. And, then, like so much unmerited grace, along come more photos of Emily quite nekkid in her monumental Mike Dowson photoshoot and I am speechless. I mean, not exactly speechless, I haven't stopped talking since I first learned how to verbalize, but I am still feeling more than blessed.

We, you, me, the entire Little Rascals gang, we've all made it to Friday. A day we cap the celebration of a week's worth of visual indulgence and, for some of us, uncomfortable but merited chaffing. And, as always, we express our gratitude for the glorious globes upon thine hotties. Thank God It's Funbags!

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