Thank God It's Funbags! Stacey Poole and Joey Fisher Topless Hands Love Is Ever So Beautiful

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There really is no greater gift a woman can give another woman as covering her bare boobs with her hands. It's the gift of hand-bra, and knowing that those hands will eventually drop away, well that makes it a great gift for all of us.

Seeing Stacey Pooleand Joey Fisher, two wickedly fun brunette sweethearts, getting along so physically famous in these outtakes from their recent Nuts photoshoot, well, I'm about to cry. I can only hope these two gal pals set an example for the rest of the world, lay down your arms, literally, and start caressing some sweet melons. On this blessed Friday, I imagine a better place for all of us, made that way two catty topless girls at a time. Thank God It's Funbags.

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