We Saw Victoria Silvstedt in Her Bikini, Now Let's See Her Nekkid in Playboy

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Oh, hello very favorite game in the whole wide world. That one where we see pictures of sextastic celebrities in the morning with some clothes on, wonder what they look like nekkid, then by the afternoon our friends at PlayboyPlus have let us into their joy-filled vaults to pluck many visual wonderment samples. And, may I be the first to say and to remember -- Victoria Silvstedt was just so ridiculously Swedish hot when she was named Playmate of the Year. I know they don't just hand out those titles, but Victoria, clearly on the Top 10 all-time list, IMHO.

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I'm sure I told you I met Victoria not too long after her PMOY days, and, she-bang. She had the power to increase the speed of all the molecules in the body of any man within thirty feet of her. It was straight out of the X-Men. And it was real. And it hurt just a little bit, but in a good kind of way. Enjoy.

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