Will You Still Love Isla Fisher If She Wore Boring Gray Panties?

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It's decision time. You know where I stand. While I'd dream of underrated ginger topped Isla Fisher wearing lacy sweet silky little nothings, when the wind blows by her short skirt to reveal some laundry day boring panties am I going to complain? Nay, I see any opportunity to peek up and under the Scottish lass as a blessing of Mother Nature. Where some people see drab, I smell opportunity. I mean, not literally, though were I in London over the weekend when Isla's skirt did fly skyward, I suppose I might have been arrested trying to do just that.

I have a big time crush on Isla Fisher. Unless I peek up her skirt to find my old high school gym shorts, nothing is going to curb my inner piqued interest. She is a doll and a half. Enjoy.

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