Yaya Kosikova Topless Thought Provoking Bits of Brooding Boobtastic

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This is how I expect my future Slovakian supermodel girlfriend to be. Just like Yaya Kosikova. Naturally, a brunette with dark features, a wicked hot body, and existential grief that simple won't let go of her soul.

Sure, the apartment we share in the name of a Slovakian city I can't think of will be littered with unfiltered cigarette butts and the sounds of loud arguments over the animal cruelty involved in making wool for Eastern European suits will echo across the phone line we share with our neighbors in the block flat. But as long as Yaya is brooding and nekkid, things will work out just perfectly romantic. She does look rather luring-you-into-danger in these Ezra Patchett photos. Be forewarned. And, enjoy.

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