Anais Zanotti Stretching to Absolute Perfection in the Park

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We've seen French type model and daredevil Anais Zanotti before in Miami in her bikini, but now we get to see how she keeps herself in such tremendous shape. Or, how we get to stretch ourselves seeing her getting into such tremendous shape.

I'm not sure exactly where this park is in Miami, but if you were so fortunate to be there during Anais' workout, you saw some booty posing of an extra-worldly variety. I mean, damn, all I see at the gym are sweaty dudes with hairplugs doing squats. I want to workout in this field of dreams with that ridiculously fine Anais Zanotti badonkadonk. Some of those moves she's making, well, I'm going to have to make a citizen's arrest. A very horny citizen's arrest. Enjoy.

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