Beth Humphreys My Topless Darling, My Topless Lust

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It's been several weeks since I feasted peeps upon Beth Humphreys, simply one of the hottest women on this planet. I've been having a little Humphreys withdrawal if I can be honest. Mumbling the name Beth in my sleep. Finding my hands miming the surrounding of her perfect boobtastic with all of my unbridled passions. And, of course, I'm man enough to admit, the crying and the sobbing.

But thanks to our friends at Nuts, we have a new look at the new star in our sky, Beth Humphreys, and her sextastically outrageous body. If I were a sculptor, I'd sculpt that body in marble then spend the rest of my days whittling it down to rubble with no tools save for lust and the ability to scab quickly. Beth, baby, don't ever leave me. Or, you know, get with me then leave me. Just the first part. Enjoy.

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