Danielle Sharp and Nicole Neal Topless in Black Lingerie for Playtime Funtime

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In the world I'm creating, women always travel and hang out in pairs. And, typically, in little bits of lingerie or less. I suppose more than two would work as well, but it has to be an even number so that nobody ever gets left without a dance partner.

Our friends at Nuts magazine must have tapped into my world creation plan with this pictorial of the delicious Danielle Sharpand Nicole Neal hanging out in their dressy lingerie, which doesn't stay on too long, thankfully, and just fulfilling one of my favorite evening time dreamscapes. There's absolutely nothing wrong with women delighting in the company of other nekkid women. It's a leisure time activity that needs to be as heavily encouraged as possible. Positive letters, inspiring shouts, and the tossing of large dollar bills always helps. Enjoy.

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