Emily Ratajkowski See-Through and Braless and Absolutely Perfect at Fashion Week

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Emily Ratajkowski has quickly ascended our sextastic charts like just about no other around here. From 'how do you spell that girls name again?' to 'I want to sell all my worldly possessions and beg Emily to lick my face' (that's weird, but I went 'first thing that comes to my head' on that one) Emily has quickly become an absolute favorite. Oh, maybe it's because she's young and wicked hot and has a ridiculously passion inducing body and she likes to get nekkid a lot for the cameras. It's either that or you really were a big fan of iCarly where she used to work. I'm going with the former.

Emily decided to keep her rising start rising by showing up to New York fashion week in a see-through top without any bra on so we could see her boobtastic almost crystal clear. It helps that Emily happens to have a premium seating racktastic, one of the finest in the business, the mouth watering and blood boiling and toe tingling type. And, yeah, then there's something fashiony to say too, but I wouldn't know  it, because I'm merely muttering the words 'so effin' hot' over and over again. Enjoy.

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