Emily Shaw Topless Spectacular Hotness in Jeans for Mammarial Monday

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Can you ever have enough of the uber-sextastic Emily Shaw with cheat puppies so fine, the goddesses on Olympus weep weep with jealous? Well, that's a loaded question. And I'd say EgoReader 'Darren' doesn't think so as knowing of my own fondness for Emily Shaw, insisted we share more of the amazing Emily as shot by Frank White this time stripping down to jeans in a heavenly light and a devilish reveal.

Emily Shaw makes me feel like I'm twelve years old again and looking at naughty magazines for the first (or fiftieth time). Just the finest of female forms and one ridiculously hot special model. I'm not sure that I can think of a finer way to build speed into a week of skin that by baring Emily Shaw thusly. Just so damn hot! Enjoy.

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