Iggy Azalea See-Through Tops and Bootyriffic Bottoms at Paris Fashion Week

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I can't bring myself to try and get into the hip hop pop stylings of pale Aussie rapper, Iggy Azalea. I suppose I don't have to really, the sound is always optional. But in terms of grabbing attention for her body, well, Iggy is starting to become a rather must ogle. And, well, Iggy made it pretty easy over the weekend at Paris Fashion Week, first showing up in a completely see-through top, showing off her natural fineries, and the second day, flashing her booty in a ass-tight purple dress...

I can't speak to the music, but attention seeking wardrobe wise, I'm prepared to give Iggy the Australian version of a Grammy. Is it called a Matey? I don't know, but I'd like to hand it to her while she was wearing that see-through top. Oh, how we would giggle as I accidentally dropped it on her toe, lost in thought. Enjoy.

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