Kelly Andrews Topless Black Lingerie Hotness for a Very Merry Mammarial Monday Morning

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Okay, so you're still in a Breaking Bad hangover, not to mention the real kind if you imbibed as heartily as I did this past weekend, but it's Monday, so let's face the reality that we have another five days straight of figuring out how to survive the work week. Now, you could always work, that's clearly one option. Or, you know, you could look at some of the world's most ridiculously hot celebrities and models taking off their clothes. Take a minute to think this one through. All answers are final.

Should you choose to go with the latter, you may wish to start your week by perusing the epically fine curvaceous and quite topless body of the tasty Kelly Andrews. She may have a name straight out of lesbionic middle school gym teacher central casting, but Kelly Andrews is no whistle blowing butch. Oh, no, she's quite the fine feminine female form. You would be the one blowing the whistle. Welcome to your Monday. Enjoy.

(For all your Kelly Andrews hotness needs, be sure to visit the official Kelly Andrews modeling site.)

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