Kelly Andrews Topless Blessed Bodacious Treats for a Mammarial Monday Holiday

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If I'm going to be working on a holiday, I'm going to be staring, ogling, and leering at some of the finest funbags on the planet. It's the only way I'm going to pull through this. Well, drinking at the office also helps, but I'll deny that if it's put to me. I just need to remember the clear out the bottles in the dumpster so the guy who comes through here each evening will stop referring to me as El Borracho.

Still, it's a Monday and we're not going to be remiss in our coverage of super fine mammaries, this week courtesy of the delightfully hot Kelly Andrews and her swollen to perfection chest in this see-through lingerie striptease pictorial. Everybody has their own holiday traditions, as for me, I'll stick to Kelly, oh, how I'd love to stick to Kelly. Enjoy.

(For all your Kelly Andrews hotness needs, be sure to visit the official Kelly Andrews modeling site.)

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