Lady Gaga Goes See-Through In the Streets of London

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Panic on the streets of London when Lady Gaga gets in the attention-getting mood. Which, for the record, is every hour of every day. But, occasionally, she does manage to still kick up the scandal note another notch, like wearing a see-through leotard out in the London evening with a million press photographers about.

Yes, she's trying to show off her pop diva puppies, though they do look taped or covered in some manner, so, I guess she's not gone full Rihanna quite yet. But she know it's definitely going to land her on the cover of every tabloid around the world, which I suppose is the purpose. For our more pure intents, it's a wardrobe we have to give homage, like a very naughty gymnast of some kind who knows she can't vault, but she'll be damned if she's not going to be noticed. Enjoy.

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